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Make Wood Garage Doors Last

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Natural materials are always superior to mankind ones in terms of good looks and elegance! Though they come with plenty of responsibilities as far as their maintenance is concerned. Things get even more demanding when we are talking about wood garage doors, which ought to be in perfect condition in order to provide the right protection and move smoothly without leaving tiny gaps at the corners. Can we really prevent wood from warping? Can wooden doors really last for long without become a burden?

One thing is for sure: your wooden overhead door will need a great deal of maintenance. So, your choice whether to invest in wood or not would depend on how you translate the word burden. Wood will definitely add a lot to the house curb appeal and will certainly increase its value, but it will also need plenty of work in regard to its treatment.

Take care of your wood panels once a year

Wood sectional doors will last for many years if you treat them regularly. Your tasks will be clear to you if you consider the possible problems, which will rise if you fail to maintain wood properly. Don't forget that such natural materials have a special reaction to the temperature fluctuations. Wood extends in heat and shrinks in cold weather. It is susceptible to the sun, rain and definitely moisture. Dust will be collected in the tiny gaps and rain can create mold. Wood might dry or bind in the middle if the panel is one piece.

Such problems can be prevented with good maintenance. If the door actually warps, there will be little you can do to fix this problem. So, it's best to prevent issues with a few garage door maintenance steps every year. Your goal should be to keep the material alive. So, start by cleaning it well. If there is loose paint, scrub it off. This is extremely important before you paint the door. You must clean the surface well at both sides and must let it dry. The inner part won't need the same treatment as the outer part, but applying good oils and varnishes after cleaning it well will protect it from the weather and daily use. It's very important to cover well cracks and give special attention to the edges since they warp faster or you'll need garage door panel replacement sooner.

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