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Common questions and answers on how to buy the best insulated garage door to suit your need and budget.

What is R value?

It refers to the measurement of the thermal efficiency in the garage door, as well as how it insulates accordingly. After all, insulation is a very important factor that needs to be considered upon purchasing a new garage door. For instance, if you are planning to spend more time in your garage, you will certainly need a garage door that provides a high R-value.

Which garage door type complements the architecture of my home well?

One way to find out which garage door type best complements your home; consider the materials used for your home. For instance, if you have wooden walls outside your home, opting for a wooden garage door may be a good option for you. The architectural style of your home should be enhanced with the garage door appearance.

What features can I add to my new opener?

New garage door openers come with the basic safety features and according to the experts at Garage Door Repair Placerville the reverse mechanism, which provides safety, is obligatory since 1993. Today, there are sensors with a timer, which can close the door behind you, sensors that can detect carbon monoxide or smoke and light sensors. They are all important for modern households but it would depend on your budget, too.

What are the common materials used for garage doors?

Current garage doors in the market are commonly made of steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons, but focusing on the benefits it can bring is necessary.Of all of these materials, the most popular for the homeowners are the ones made from steel and wood because of the strength, durability and securityit offers. These are also the types that require fewer garage door repairs.

Why is garage door size important?

During garage door replacement it is important to get the appropriate size door in order to have an easy access and fit your car from the entrance without bumping on the sides. If you get a smaller garage door or the wrong type of door, which will obstruct the car from driving through, you won't be able to keep the car in the garage.

I have lost my remote for the opener. What do I do?

Just get a new garage opener remote from the company you purchased it from. If you got it from Genie, then get a new Genie opener. Make sure to test out the control to see that it works fine. Check the batteries and make sure everything is in order.

How do I know the sensors need replacement?

If you already aligned the sensors and the reverse mechanism doesn't work or the lights are not turned on, it's probably a problem with the device. Check their wiring first and make sure they are connected. If everything else works fine and there is power in the whole zip code 95667 area then you should consider replacing the sensors.

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