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5 Garage Door Rules

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

The plethora of tips, advices and information in the internet has created the illusion that all men are excellent handymen, who can engage in any technical task by following simple steps. If it was so easy, we could also perform open heart surgeries just by following instructions but we don't. The truth is that we have access to many more tools and equipment today as well as information but some garage entry mending are still dangerous and require great attention and even better preparation according to the experts at Garage Door Repair Placerville.

5 garage door forbidden fruits

1. You must never get involved with any repairs related to garage entrance spirals because if you don't release their tension carefully and properly, they might injure you. Cables might get dangerous, too, but you need to have in mind that all garage entry components require special handling and, therefore, you must acquire great knowledge of the right steps and the right procedures before you engage in any repairs.
2. You should never leave kids unattended in the garage and you should refrain from letting them play around the moving garage door. It is essential to remember that remote clickers can be very dangerous in their hands because they would treat the door as the perfect toy.
3. If the garage door doesn't close properly, you should fix it right away making sure the base weather strip is in place and good condition. Otherwise, you will be putting your house in great risk because intruders would find the slightest gap to open the door by using their tools. At the same time, these little gaps would compromise the insulation of the entire property and it will cost you very much in electricity bills.
4. You must never choose a new door or any part for that matter based on appearances. You should consider their technical characteristics ensuring they are appropriate for your own needs.
5. You must never trust the garage opener clicker to strangers or leave it unattended. It would be like trusting or neglecting the keys of your front door.

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